Poured Floor Insulation

Poured floor insulation is a revolutionary alternative to traditional insulation methods.  

Energystore TLA® combines eps beads coated in an innovative additive with cement to create a pourable insulation. Poured insulation means a continuous thermal layer with no gaps or breaks leading to superior in-life performance and enhanced Psi-Values. Rapid drying times, zero wastage and unrivalled install speed make it the obvious choice for floor insulation. 


We are certified approved installers of Energystore TLA®. Talk to us today about your requirements.  

Poured Floor Insulation Preparation Steps:

In preparation for a TLA pour, subfloors must be clear of any debris. Dust on the floor will not affect the TLA. If the TLA is being poured on compacted hardcore, it is advisable to lay a layer of minimum 1200 gauge membrane in advance of the TLA pour.

After the TLA is poured, a layer of minimum 500 gauge membrane is required on top of the TLA prior to laying of UFH and in advance of pouring screed. A perimeter expansion strip is still required for the finish screed. This can be 25mm PIR or 12mm polyjoint.

Screed can be poured once the building is weather tight.

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